SILVER Therapy

Single Step Brazilian Straightening | O% formaldehyde | For Coloured & Chemically Treated Hair
Restores, Repairs, Moisturises and Tones the Hair Colour
Compatible with all chemicals

The SILVER THERAPY tinting reconstructive mask by Sorali was developed for straightening and volume reduction in blond, grey and platinum hair. This is because it contains active ingredients that neutralize the colour and tone while realigning the hair fibre.

Enriched with a load of Creatine and Amino Acids, Silver Therapy provides emollience and recovers the hair, as well as an immediate restoration through intercellular cementation, restoring vitality to the hair.

Enriched with Creatine and Amino Acids, SILVER THERAPY provides moisture and recovers the hair, as well restores the hair immediately through intercellular cementation.
Silver Therapy is rich in natural active ingredients that help with hydration, eliminating porosity and dryness, leaving the hair soft and silky for much longer.

Lactobionic and Lactic Acid

  • These lactose-derived assets have the ability to retain water in the hair, keeping it hydrated.
  • They are also antioxidants, repairers and pH regulators.
  • In addition to containing bacteriostatic agents, which stop the growth of bacteria, keeping the hair always healthy.


This nutritional complex based on plant extracts conditions, promotes shine, suppleness and helps in protein replacement.

Blue and Violet Tinting Pigments

The blue and violet tinting pigments, alongside technology that prevents aging of the hair, protect the colour from fading, neutralizes the lightening background and provides the correction of unevenness in yellow and orange colours.

Why Sorali Products?

  • First and foremost, we respect the health of you and your clients.
  • 0% formaldehyde - Based on natural ingredients with anti-bacterial properties
  • Guaranteed hair straightening results.
  • Straightens, restores, repairs, moisturises and protects in one single step.
  • The latest technology in hair straightening.
  • Compatible with any salon high quality, professional aftercare products. (no need for sulphate free products) We recommend Saryna Key aftercare.
  • Halaal certified professional hair products.
  • Colour your clients hair directly after a Sorali straightening treatment.
  • Treatments which dramatically reduce the damage caused by colour and bleach processes.