About Sorali

Sorali Cosmetic is a high-quality brand that is passionate about hair!

Our formulas are produced with the rich Brazilian flora, free of formaldehyde or any of its derivatives, as well as of any other harmful substances to your health. 

With this amazing product, we managed to conquer the United States as well as countries in the Middle East, Europe and Africa, solidifying our map and introducing Sorali quality around the world. 

We are based in the state of São Paulo, with our manufacturing hub in Franca and administrative headquarters in São Vicente. 

We value sustainability alongside social actions that reflect our care and respect for the environment. In addition, we value our customers, striving to ensure that the experience with our products is unique! 

We believe in the diversity of beauty and that everyone deserves the best. That’s why we seek the highest technology to produce our products and guarantee the Sorali Cosmetic quality for you! 


Our Identity

Our products are not at all like a traditional Brazilian that coats the hair, leaving it with a temporary shine and the illusion of healthy hair. Sorali Cosmetic products straighten the hair from within, allowing nutrients to penetrate the hair follicle, allowing you to begin your true healthy hair journey. We pride ourselves in the fact that all our straightening products are completely free of any derivative of formaldehyde, as well as any harmful agent to our health.