Amino PLEX Amino Keratin

Safety for Pre and Post Chemical Treatments | For All Types Of Hair
Helps with dyeing and bleaching techniques.
Compatible with all chemicals

Want to have quick and visible results?

The Amino Keratin has a No Break action that acts instantly to stop the break and still gives strength to your hair. The perfect combination of Keratin and Creatine works as great hair protection agents, keeping them hydrated, strong, resistant and with an intense shine. But not only that!! You need to try Amino Keratin before colouring or discolouration, it will shield your hair strands from damage.

How to use: 

For reconstruction and No Break effect: apply Amino Keratin directly on the sensitized hair in an amount sufficient to fill the hair fibre. Distribute the product gently and let it act for 10 minutes. Rinse well.

Protective effect: add a small amount to the colour mixture, or to the mixture of the bleaching powder. Use as usual.

Active Ingredients: Keratin, Creatine, amino acids and Sodium PCA

Why Sorali Products?

  • First and foremost, we respect the health of you and your clients.
  • 0% formaldehyde - Based on natural ingredients with anti-bacterial properties
  • Guaranteed hair straightening results.
  • Straightens, restores, repairs, moisturises and protects in one single step.
  • The latest technology in hair straightening.
  • Compatible with any salon high quality, professional aftercare products. (no need for sulphate free products) We recommend Saryna Key aftercare.
  • Halaal certified professional hair products.
  • Colour your clients hair directly after a Sorali straightening treatment.
  • Treatments which dramatically reduce the damage caused by colour and bleach processes.